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Model: Avengers bracelets
different styles available as follows:Avengers captain marvel bracelet avengers iron man bracelet doctor strange time stone bracelet thanos infinity stone bracelet size: 24cm ..
Bohemian Glam Gold Bracelet set
Online Only
Model: Bohemian Glam Gold Bracelet Set
This 4 piece set features a leaves bangle,knot bangle, diamond bracelet, and Geo circle bracelet ..
Model: Bohemian multi layer beaded bracelet set
materials used: alloy and crystal beads size: 17.5cm..
Model: chakra buddha bracelet
A chakra bracelet also known as a chakra energy healing bracelet is usually made up off 7 different colored beads. its purpose and meaning is to help balance your 7 energy centers. most energy healing bracelets are constructed off chakra cleansing stones and colours that are associated with each off..
Model: lava and Malachite bracelet
the luxuriant, swirling patterns of Malachite have striking light and dark green marbling that is unmistakable. the startling beauty of this stone has come to represent sensuality and beauty. ..
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