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Non Licenced Cars

Model: Avenger UTV
12V battery powerPower display2.4G remote control or self driveMP3, USB, SD card inputLED lightsOpening doors2 seaterSize: 1370 x 910 x 880Colour options: Blue / Red / White6 months manufacturers warranty..
Model: BM 968
BM 968 Ride on carFeatures include:12V battery operated2.4g remote control or self drivestart up engine soundsbuilt in musicUSB, MP3 playerLED lightsopening doorssize: 1160 x 70 x 550Colour options: red or white6 months manufacturers warranty..
Model: BMX 7 1166 STYLE
BMX 7 1166 STYLE12V 7A Battery operatedPower displayMP3, USB and SD card inputVolume controlremote control or self driveLED LightsSpeed: 5km per hourSuitable for children 2 to 5 yearsCharging time 6 to 8 hoursRunning time 1 to 2 hours..
Model: BMX 7 1688 STYLE
BMX 7 1688 STYLE2 Seater12V 7A Battery operatedPower displayMP3, USB and SD card inputVolume control2.4G remote control or self driveLED LightsVariable speedSpeed: 5km per hourSuitable for children 2 to 8 yearsCharging time 6 to 8 hoursRunning time 1 to 2 hours..
Model: Cartoon Push Car
Cartoon Push CarFeatures:- foot to floor..
Model: Construction Vehicle mk2
Construction Vehicle mk26v batterymusicled lightsautomatic diggerself drive forward /reverseages 2to5 years..
Desert Storm Desert Storm
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Model: Desert Storm
Desert Storm12V battery operatedopening doorskey start2.4g remote control or self drive4 wheels shock absorptionUSB, MP3, built in musicLed Lightssize: 1410 x 905 x 875available in red, white or blue..
Model: Dump Truck ride on
Dump Truck Ride on12V Battery operated4 Motors4 wheel suspensionMP3 / USB inputbuilt in musicforward and reverse sway functionignition keyLED LightsAutomatic tipperSize 1325 x 875 x 740..
Model: Dune Buggy
DUNE Buggy12V / 7ah battery powerMP3 inputBuilt in radioUSB inputSD Card inputsafety beltLED lightsforward / reverse / sway function2.4G multifunctional remote controlSize : 1130 x 760 x 660Available in green, red or whiteColour options: Blue / Red / White ..
Model: DY8000 Excavator
USB, SD card inputforward and reverseLED lightspower displaymulti functional steeringfull electric excavating..
Farm Truck Farm Truck
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Model: Farm Truck
Farm Truck12V battery operated2 x 55w motors2.4g remote control or self driveApp controlledkey startswing motionUSB / MP3 / built in musicavailable in green / red / yellow or bluesize: truck: 1350 x 710 x 780trailer: 750 x 710 x 5306 months manufacturers warranty ..
Model: Farm Truck Style 2
GUMMY BEAR ANATOMY KITBuild the puzzle and keep as a great display piece. Or take it apart and build it again! Cute and creepy, you can finally find out what's inside your favourite lolly. Multiple colours available..
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